What a day

Today was indeed a stressful day. First I have  DKA patient, second, I was stressed building my new website for my online consultation platform. I made online platform for me to cope up with the changing time.

Pandemic really changed a lot in our present situation but I just don’t want to stay put and wait when this pandemic ends. I need to think for strategy to move up and challenge the change we have.

This could be something new, uncertain, and perhaps life changing. I have to throw my dice and roll it, hoping my luck will come.

Innovation is the right thing to do at this time. It maybe difficult to start with but we have to accept it. Sometimes I would tell myself this is not real, this is just my nightmare and wish to wake up, but this is for real and everything is real.

Gone were the days we can freely roam around, enjoy life simple pleasures but now, its all gone.

Life is indeed full of uncertainties, move on, adopt and live life to the fullest….


Take Time to Thank God for all the blessings

We always ask God to grant our prayers but we oftentimes forget to thank HIM for every grant prayers He gives us. We can remember HIM in times of difficulties and forget HIM in times of happiness.

Those times when I am still in the darkness moments in my life, I kept on asking HIM to give me guidance for every decisions I will be making. But forget HIM when I passed it through.

As I become more matured I realized I oftentimes forget HIM and think I can live without HIM. Good thing I realized it early so I can correct my mistakes. Now I always thank GOD for all good and bad things that happened in my life. He always have purposes why He let it happened. Happy Sunday everyone.

Waiting, Patiently waiting

In my life I always wanted to to hurry life, do things need to be done, and make decisions aggressively. I wanted to do short cuts. But despite all those rushing decisions and immediate actions Life never gave me great accomplishments. Everything ended up a mess.

I learned so much from my past experiences and now its time for me to slow down, always have second thoughts and make a wiser decisions.

Indeed those experiences I had, made me more mature and made me more meticulous in my everyday life,

I am already in the prime time in my life, still single ( just my feeling), available (to be snatched), ready to mingle but I don’t want to do same mistakes all over again that is why I still hold my FLAG not to give up and stand firm that I am SINGLE AND PROUD. No reasons to hurry because Life is to too, just wanna enjoy it and live life to the fullest…



This Too Shall Pass

I’ve been so much struggles in my life. I faced so many trials but I know they are all temporary.

In our present, we find life so hopeless, unusual, and life changing. We all face same problems but its up to us how we handle every problems we have.

This Too Shall Pass, I know there is always light at the end of the tunnel. Keep your courage, move forward and never give up.

There’s always right time for every time

During my younger years I dreamt of becoming an artist. Been applying almost all auditions available. I got my radio, stage, and TV dramas but my father stopped me because he wanted me to finish my studies.

I did what my parents wanted me to do. I finished schooling even had my masters degree and soon I’ll finished my Doctoral degree in Business Administration in God’s time. I’ve given more than what my parents wanted me. Not just as a medical doctor as well as being the CEO of my own hospital.

Now to my surprise I got an offer from Help TV Cebu to be their in house talent. Yes I grabbed the offer this is my dream that I wanted when I was young to showcase my talents.

Yes it was already late for me to achieve my childhood dreams but better late than never

Moral, God will always give what we want in life in HIS time. If it is destine for you destiny will make his own path to achieve it.

Life is too short enjoy it, we only live once, live life to the fullest


Let God make wonders in YOU

During my younger years I kept doing things and making decisions so forceful. I thought having that attitude will make me better, make me who I wanted to be but I was wrong. I piled up all my mistakes one after the other, and leaving me miserable.

It came to a point that my parents asked me to take things slowly, I was so hesitant because I wanted to reach my dreams, I wanted to be the person I wanted to be and I wanted to be happy. It took me a while to understand what my parents wanted to say. I was struggling, I was angry because I felt they’re losing trust in me and felt they never supported me.

I try to recollect every scenarios that happened in my life, Every battled I fought, every trials I faced, and Every problems I solved. In those times my parents never leave me. They’re always at my side to cry with me, to pat my shoulders, and to cheer me up and make me feel I am not alone.

It was difficult for me to take it slow but I realized I never did anything good  and it seems that I am not working smart. I exhausted all my efforts but the outputs were not satisfactory.

I’ve been through a lot of adventures in life just to bring home the bacon. It was never easy to make every ends meet. I keep on hitting the iron while it was hot but never gave me the expected output what I wanted.

Life taught me many lessons. It made me more resilient to every difficult situations. It made me brave to face back life challenges, it made me laugh behind every tears I shed.

Life taught me to wear mask to hide my miseries, to hide my scars from wounds that I bared.

I learned to be victorious despite defeats. Life was indeed a roller coaster ride. It gave me vertigo but I tried not to loss balance. I learned to dance with sounds of life.

Yes I was tired… Literally tired…I surrendered…

I stepped my brake and started my first gear, I learned to listen, learned to accept my weakness. learned to take off my mask and accept the reality, and learned to let God take control.

Yes I let God take control, I just listen to my heart and let God take me to where He wants me to be. I let my path take its own pace.

For the first time I listened to my parents, I started to slow down and enjoy life. I realized I missed so much in life. my youth, and opportunities to be myself. I was so focused on the things I thought could make me who I wanted to be in the fastest way.

Now I enjoy life, I take the opportunities to chase back all that I’ve lost. It’s not yet too late for me to get back what I have never enjoyed.

Moral in life, don’t be in a hurry. Take everything slow and work smart. Life is too short, enjoy it, and live life to the fullest.





Wrong Choices

During my younger years I was aggressive in making decisions. I am always in a hurry of making choices. I thought Life was easy and IDEAL. I have so many dreams in Life and I wanted to achieve it the soonest possible time. But all the decisions I  made turn out to be a FAILURE.

I never listened to my parents for I thought I know it RIGHT. I thought,  I am the master of myself and I am good enough. I was so hard headed and always make my ways. But during my dark moments of my wrong decisions, my Parents were there for me to give me a hand. A hand that never leave me despite all my wrong decisions. The unconditional love that never ceased despite all the heartaches I gave them.


My best Frenemy, despite all heartaches and disappointments I gave him but still his love for me never ceased. He never laughs at my failures but help me stand back and let me gain back my strength.

The Spoiler

My spoiler who always give me all I wanted but all I gave her was frustrations.

Yes I made so many mistakes in life but I was so blessed that despite all My parents are always there to help me, guide me and give me the unconditional love…..

I envy so much with my younger siblings, they experience life that I never did. I envy how they experienced Relationships…. I never tried to be married in church, never tried pre nuptials but all I experienced was instant. Instant wedding without preparations, instant live in and also instant break up!

I love INSTANT, that is why NOW I try to slow down, listen to my instinct and Enjoy Life.

Moral, Never be in a hurry because Life is not INSTANT. Take everything slowly and always think properly. Your decisions will always reflect your Output.

It’s a matter of Prioritizing

Most of us always reason out I HAVE NO TIME. Yes indeed we all have no time if we will not give time. But maybe saying ITS NOT MY PRIORITY might be the exact words to say.

For the past years I always find time of the things I wanted to… Spending time with my kids are my TOP most priority. I knew I was left behind with all my friends in terms of careers, achievements, and of course travel but I have no regrets at all for I know I have given much of myself to my kids and knew I made the right decisions.

Yes I made it!

Life is oftentimes unpredictable… You may never know what’s your capabilities but when you’re in the situation you’ll be surprise you know how to do it.

We oftentimes say NO to something beyond our comfort zones. Afraid to try, afraid to venture. We oftentimes give up without even trying.

Last October 2020, I was so happy that I am eligible for Instant Article. I jumped up in making one. But got disappointed with the outcome. I never pushed it until recently when I’ve seen my Facebook Page grow in numbers, my engagements soured high and I was triggered to push what I started to make last October 2020. I was surprised that I can monetize my website which I am currently availing. I also tried applying with Google Adsense with pending approval. When I rechecked my Facebook Instant Article Application that I never submitted since October I’ve seen some improvements. My RSS feed was accepted and I hope this will be the sign that I can push my application for Instant Article. Other than that I check my Facebook Insights I was so surprised I’m almost meeting the Brand Collab Manager Criteria, 4% more to go and I’m there.

Now I am posting this Article on my site, I will say MY SITE because I personally made this site. I was so surprised that I know how to make it.

Moral in life, Never say NO without even trying… Life is unpredictable, full of surprises, so Enjoy Life because we only live once and enjoy life to the fullest.

Life is beautiful