Yes I made it!

Life is oftentimes unpredictable… You may never know what’s your capabilities but when you’re in the situation you’ll be surprise you know how to do it.

We oftentimes say NO to something beyond our comfort zones. Afraid to try, afraid to venture. We oftentimes give up without even trying.

Last October 2020, I was so happy that I am eligible for Instant Article. I jumped up in making one. But got disappointed with the outcome. I never pushed it until recently when I’ve seen my Facebook Page grow in numbers, my engagements soured high and I was triggered to push what I started to make last October 2020. I was surprised that I can monetize my website which I am currently availing. I also tried applying with Google Adsense with pending approval. When I rechecked my Facebook Instant Article Application that I never submitted since October I’ve seen some improvements. My RSS feed was accepted and I hope this will be the sign that I can push my application for Instant Article. Other than that I check my Facebook Insights I was so surprised I’m almost meeting the Brand Collab Manager Criteria, 4% more to go and I’m there.

Now I am posting this Article on my site, I will say MY SITE because I personally made this site. I was so surprised that I know how to make it.

Moral in life, Never say NO without even trying… Life is unpredictable, full of surprises, so Enjoy Life because we only live once and enjoy life to the fullest.

Life is beautiful

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