Wrong Choices

During my younger years I was aggressive in making decisions. I am always in a hurry of making choices. I thought Life was easy and IDEAL. I have so many dreams in Life and I wanted to achieve it the soonest possible time. But all the decisions I  made turn out to be a FAILURE.

I never listened to my parents for I thought I know it RIGHT. I thought,  I am the master of myself and I am good enough. I was so hard headed and always make my ways. But during my dark moments of my wrong decisions, my Parents were there for me to give me a hand. A hand that never leave me despite all my wrong decisions. The unconditional love that never ceased despite all the heartaches I gave them.


My best Frenemy, despite all heartaches and disappointments I gave him but still his love for me never ceased. He never laughs at my failures but help me stand back and let me gain back my strength.

The Spoiler

My spoiler who always give me all I wanted but all I gave her was frustrations.

Yes I made so many mistakes in life but I was so blessed that despite all My parents are always there to help me, guide me and give me the unconditional love…..

I envy so much with my younger siblings, they experience life that I never did. I envy how they experienced Relationships…. I never tried to be married in church, never tried pre nuptials but all I experienced was instant. Instant wedding without preparations, instant live in and also instant break up!

I love INSTANT, that is why NOW I try to slow down, listen to my instinct and Enjoy Life.

Moral, Never be in a hurry because Life is not INSTANT. Take everything slowly and always think properly. Your decisions will always reflect your Output.

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