Let God make wonders in YOU

During my younger years I kept doing things and making decisions so forceful. I thought having that attitude will make me better, make me who I wanted to be but I was wrong. I piled up all my mistakes one after the other, and leaving me miserable.

It came to a point that my parents asked me to take things slowly, I was so hesitant because I wanted to reach my dreams, I wanted to be the person I wanted to be and I wanted to be happy. It took me a while to understand what my parents wanted to say. I was struggling, I was angry because I felt they’re losing trust in me and felt they never supported me.

I try to recollect every scenarios that happened in my life, Every battled I fought, every trials I faced, and Every problems I solved. In those times my parents never leave me. They’re always at my side to cry with me, to pat my shoulders, and to cheer me up and make me feel I am not alone.

It was difficult for me to take it slow but I realized I never did anything good  and it seems that I am not working smart. I exhausted all my efforts but the outputs were not satisfactory.

I’ve been through a lot of adventures in life just to bring home the bacon. It was never easy to make every ends meet. I keep on hitting the iron while it was hot but never gave me the expected output what I wanted.

Life taught me many lessons. It made me more resilient to every difficult situations. It made me brave to face back life challenges, it made me laugh behind every tears I shed.

Life taught me to wear mask to hide my miseries, to hide my scars from wounds that I bared.

I learned to be victorious despite defeats. Life was indeed a roller coaster ride. It gave me vertigo but I tried not to loss balance. I learned to dance with sounds of life.

Yes I was tired… Literally tired…I surrendered…

I stepped my brake and started my first gear, I learned to listen, learned to accept my weakness. learned to take off my mask and accept the reality, and learned to let God take control.

Yes I let God take control, I just listen to my heart and let God take me to where He wants me to be. I let my path take its own pace.

For the first time I listened to my parents, I started to slow down and enjoy life. I realized I missed so much in life. my youth, and opportunities to be myself. I was so focused on the things I thought could make me who I wanted to be in the fastest way.

Now I enjoy life, I take the opportunities to chase back all that I’ve lost. It’s not yet too late for me to get back what I have never enjoyed.

Moral in life, don’t be in a hurry. Take everything slow and work smart. Life is too short, enjoy it, and live life to the fullest.





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