There’s always right time for every time

During my younger years I dreamt of becoming an artist. Been applying almost all auditions available. I got my radio, stage, and TV dramas but my father stopped me because he wanted me to finish my studies.

I did what my parents wanted me to do. I finished schooling even had my masters degree and soon I’ll finished my Doctoral degree in Business Administration in God’s time. I’ve given more than what my parents wanted me. Not just as a medical doctor as well as being the CEO of my own hospital.

Now to my surprise I got an offer from Help TV Cebu to be their in house talent. Yes I grabbed the offer this is my dream that I wanted when I was young to showcase my talents.

Yes it was already late for me to achieve my childhood dreams but better late than never

Moral, God will always give what we want in life in HIS time. If it is destine for you destiny will make his own path to achieve it.

Life is too short enjoy it, we only live once, live life to the fullest


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