Waiting, Patiently waiting

In my life I always wanted to to hurry life, do things need to be done, and make decisions aggressively. I wanted to do short cuts. But despite all those rushing decisions and immediate actions Life never gave me great accomplishments. Everything ended up a mess.

I learned so much from my past experiences and now its time for me to slow down, always have second thoughts and make a wiser decisions.

Indeed those experiences I had, made me more mature and made me more meticulous in my everyday life,

I am already in the prime time in my life, still single ( just my feeling), available (to be snatched), ready to mingle but I don’t want to do same mistakes all over again that is why I still hold my FLAG not to give up and stand firm that I am SINGLE AND PROUD. No reasons to hurry because Life is to too, just wanna enjoy it and live life to the fullest…



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