What a day

Today was indeed a stressful day. First I haveĀ  DKA patient, second, I was stressed building my new website for my online consultation platform. I made online platform for me to cope up with the changing time.

Pandemic really changed a lot in our present situation but I just don’t want to stay put and wait when this pandemic ends. I need to think for strategy to move up and challenge the change we have.

This could be something new, uncertain, and perhaps life changing. I have to throw my dice and roll it, hoping my luck will come.

Innovation is the right thing to do at this time. It maybe difficult to start with but we have to accept it. Sometimes I would tell myself this is not real, this is just my nightmare and wish to wake up, but this is for real and everything is real.

Gone were the days we can freely roam around, enjoy life simple pleasures but now, its all gone.

Life is indeed full of uncertainties, move on, adopt and live life to the fullest….


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