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Location: Punta Engaño,Lapulapu
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Life begins at 40

At forty,  everything changed. I tend to be very active in my social media accounts. I unravel wonderful things in life that I never discover during my younger years.

I was busy before and  took myself for granted because of my priorities. I realized to enjoy life and be who I am. There’s no need for me to pretend, prove my worth, and not giving time for myself.

I chase back my youth, dreams and self fulfillment.

I forgave myself for all my short comings and learned to correct them. Life is too short, enjoy it.



Love is define as:


a profoundly tender, passionate affection for another person.
a feeling of warm personal attachment or deep affection, as for a parent, child, or friend.
sexual passion or desire.
We often define love as union of two. All of us wanted to be loved, cared and make us feel belong. But how can we say we truly love someone?
Now a days we have different interpretations of love. They say LOVE has no gender, others say I don’t love the person, I love the personality. In whatever sense, loving is somewhat like loving the person unconditionally. Accepting who she is and loving her without hesitations. But what if you just love her because you just want the feeling to be loved?
To love is not temporary but to love that will last a lifetime.
Why say I love you if you can’t handle it?  Why go into a relationship if after a short misunderstandings you will just give up and try to find your other luck?
I love this cliché: Love when you’re ready not when you’re lonely. Yes it is true saying I love you to someone when you’re lonely is somewhat like saying I need you now. But when loving a person when you’re ready is like giving your entire self to that person and ready to spend the rest of your life with.
Since the day I decided to slow down and give up all to God, I asked God to give me the right one. Yes it sounds strange but they say God will hear your prayers and I tried. I challenge God to give me someone with only 1 sign, I asked HIM for a most difficult sign that made it difficult for HIM to answer my prayer.
In short I am already contented with my life that is why I made it hard for HIM to answer my prayer! Well, if HE will grant my prayer it will be my BONUS already. Life is too short enjoy it!

Law of Attraction

Despite all trials and difficulties we encounter especially at this time of pandemic positive thinking should be properly practice.

Based from my own experience, I was able to survive life trials because of my way of thinking. No matter how difficult life is being optimistic is my key in coping up the most difficult situations I ever face.

I learn to play life’s adventure and conquer every battle I encounter by being optimistic.

The law of attraction states: we attract not what we want, but who we are. Think about it for a moment, everyone in the world wants something, but only a handful of people know how to manifest what they desire.

Always think on the brighter side and make it happen. Life is too short to be pessimistic. Enjoy life and live it to the fullest..

The ultimate Reset

During this time we are so optimistic that time will be back the way we used to have. The usual activities we had in the past.

But as I see things now it would be more difficult to bring it back. It’s all history now.

As we move on to what we call the ultimate reset, we we all ready for it?

Time is running fast let’s all move forward and be ready to face the new challenge of life.


Good to wait

For more than a decade I reserved myself for the right one. Never hurry to the so called LOVE. There were a lot of opportunities I let it passed because I wanted to make it sure I made the right decisions. We oftentimes say I made the right choice but when better opportunities will come, you end up disappointed and realized I made the wrong choice. Yes I already said it to myself that I made the right decision but ended up making the wrong one.

I do admit that I’ve done something wrong in my past relationship, I also had my short comings and reasons why it didn’t work. Yes, I regret all my decisions made and try not to commit the same mistakes again.

Yes, I’ve waited for the right one, but the question until when will I wait? Until my hair turns to grey or until I die? Funny but its better to be sure than sorry, right?

Many asked me why up to this time I never involve or never have another relationship? Why will I hurry? Its not a race and will never have any finish line. Because, relationship is something you have to grow, learn from day to day and nurture for life. There’s no give up but its a continual process of life’s partnership, For better or for worse till death do we part.

So its better to wait and enjoy life. We all live once enjoy the best of it! Never be stressed of something not important.