Good to wait

For more than a decade I reserved myself for the right one. Never hurry to the so called LOVE. There were a lot of opportunities I let it passed because I wanted to make it sure I made the right decisions. We oftentimes say I made the right choice but when better opportunities will come, you end up disappointed and realized I made the wrong choice. Yes I already said it to myself that I made the right decision but ended up making the wrong one.

I do admit that I’ve done something wrong in my past relationship, I also had my short comings and reasons why it didn’t work. Yes, I regret all my decisions made and try not to commit the same mistakes again.

Yes, I’ve waited for the right one, but the question until when will I wait? Until my hair turns to grey or until I die? Funny but its better to be sure than sorry, right?

Many asked me why up to this time I never involve or never have another relationship? Why will I hurry? Its not a race and will never have any finish line. Because, relationship is something you have to grow, learn from day to day and nurture for life. There’s no give up but its a continual process of life’s partnership, For better or for worse till death do we part.

So its better to wait and enjoy life. We all live once enjoy the best of it! Never be stressed of something not important.

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