Memories of the Past

It’s been thirteen years since I broke up with my Ex-wife and been three years I got annulled. As I recalled I know I did my share why we had our marriage fail. I had three relationships after our break up, I thought I did the right decision of moving on but ended up a failure. Then I decided to slow down, prayed to God to give me the right partner in life.

I built myself up, spent more time with my kids and tried to accept all my imperfections. I saw how my kids grown, I saw how life changes me to be better.

I did so many realizations in life. I learned to be grateful of the small things that God gave me. I learned to value myself and learned to forgive myself.

At first I was in denial that I don’t need a partner in life. I thought I can survive being alone. I am afraid to love and I am afraid history repeat itself.

I preserved myself for the right one but I assured myself there is no right one in my life.

I was not closing my doors to love but I am just so hesitant to love. I always see my past in every person I meet. That’s the main reason why I always stay on guard. I don’t want to give in and I don’t want to love again.

I tend to forget my prayers for the right one because I was too busy being single. But not until God surprise me. He answered my prayers.

I realized that Life was never a race. It’s better to wait than to hurry things. Now I am so happy that I made the right choice. Enjoy Life, Live life to the fullest.


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