Take time to smile

During my younger years I was so focused on the things that will make me successful.

I did my best to speed up success but ended up frustrated.

I was too ambitious with my life and always try to take the risk.

Now that I am already reaching the peak of life I realized its better to take things slowly but surely.

Take time to smile because you can’t do anything in life but to relax, be happy for everything will be in place when you smile.

Life is too short make use of it.

So Happy to see Papa happy

Last August 31, 2021 we started our first step for his hemodialysis. I knew how nervous papa was. But despite of all he was able to manage all the procedures he gone through.

September 1, 2021 he had his IJ insertion I could still recall how he requested me to accompany him inside the minor OR. He was so anxious but I also encourage him to push through. He did it!

After our first session I saw how papa improved and I was even surprised that he was able to lie flat on bed. He was able to smile.

September 2, 2021 he had his second session of hemodialysis and I saw improvements with him and I am so happy.

It maybe so stressful but seeing my papa happy really makes me so happy.