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Photos of Don Jose Negosyante

Take time to smile

During my younger years I was so focused on the things that will make me successful.

I did my best to speed up success but ended up frustrated.

I was too ambitious with my life and always try to take the risk.

Now that I am already reaching the peak of life I realized its better to take things slowly but surely.

Take time to smile because you can’t do anything in life but to relax, be happy for everything will be in place when you smile.

Life is too short make use of it.

So Happy to see Papa happy

Last August 31, 2021 we started our first step for his hemodialysis. I knew how nervous papa was. But despite of all he was able to manage all the procedures he gone through.

September 1, 2021 he had his IJ insertion I could still recall how he requested me to accompany him inside the minor OR. He was so anxious but I also encourage him to push through. He did it!

After our first session I saw how papa improved and I was even surprised that he was able to lie flat on bed. He was able to smile.

September 2, 2021 he had his second session of hemodialysis and I saw improvements with him and I am so happy.

It maybe so stressful but seeing my papa happy really makes me so happy.

Time with Papa

During my younger years I remembered how papa supported me through out my life’s journey. From school enrollment even with my ROTC subject way back in college. He was there for me. Not just for me but for all of us. He may not be the ideal father but I know he did his best to be a good father to us. We may have longings for our ideal father but definitely papa gave his best for all of us.

Now its our time to give back to him, to show how much we love him.

We only have one father and we don’t want to loss our chance not to show him love and care.

I was so blessed that papa give me a chance to pay him back in my own way that I know. I was able to show him and make him feel how much I love him.

I may not be a good son to him but at least I did my best to be one.

Pa, We love you so much and we will always be at your side. We will do our best to make you feel loved and cared for.

My baby is still my baby

I can’t hardly imagine how you’ve grown so fast. I can still picture you out when you’re mom left us when you’re still ten months old.

It was difficult being a single parent. But it was my choice. I also did my share to end our relationship. But seeing you grown was indeed so fulfilling.

Now you’re all grown up, but remember¬† your always be my baby. Your always be my daddy’s girl….

Giving back to my parents

When I was young I was so stubborn, I considered papa as my best enemy. I always love to argue with him even nonsense issues.

I was never been a good son to my father. But despite of all he never cease to love me unconditionally.

When I became a father I realized how I treated my father. I saw how my son treated me.

I was grateful that God gave me a chance to realize it early, a chance to pay back my parents especially to papa. I am so happy that I can still show him how much I love him despite of all the things I’ve done in the past.


Now it’s my time to give back to my parents their love and care that they give me.¬† I love you mama and papa.

Love what your doing, and keep doing it everyday

Doing what you love most make your work more lighter and more fulfilled.

All of us has its own burdens, our own challenges but what make us tired when we do things with compassion and dedication. We feel as if we love it that is why we keep doing it.

There are times we feel tired, we feel drained but look back and know the purpose of doing it.

Take time to unwind, meditate and of course time to love yourself and time for your love ones.

I used to say that I can live on my own, I am independent but now I realized that there’s no man in an island. We need someone to cheer us up and someone to give us affirmation that we can do it.

Love the life, we only live once, Live life to the fullest.

The new Norms

I went to Cebu City today and I saw tremendous change. I miss the old days where people were so busy. But today I saw a different picture of what we used to see before.

I saw empty restaurants, no dine in only take out. Closed establishments, and few people roaming the mall.

People wearing mask and face shield that you could hardly recognize their faces. But life must go on, we have to be resilient of what we called the NEW NORMS.

If only we all help each other, be a responsible citizens we could stop this pandemic. Let’s all get vaccinated and be as one.

The good thing about pandemic

Before pandemic started life was normal. We can freely roamed around with out fears. Not until December 31, 2019 it was initially reported to the World Health Organization (WHO).  On January 30, 2020 the WHO declared the Covid 19 outbreak a global health emergency. On March 11, 2020, the WHO declared Covid 19 a global pandemic.

My active life started to slowdown. Business dropped, and most of us started to wonder as to when this pandemic ends.

But for me, I found something new during this pandemic, I found the love that I’ve been waiting for.

It was amazing when my life slowed down, I got her. I thought she was just a dream but now she’s not just a dream but a reality that God answered my prayers.