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Still awake

haggard look na

I really don’t know what make me so interesting in making my own website. Honestly this is my first time making my own website but to my surprise I am not just making a personal website but an online store at the same time!

There might be reasons for everything Ill just wait and find out what God really wants for me.

My 18 days sy glow journey

Last January 22, 2021 I received my Sy Glow Set from Lou Neria Maestre Putian or known as Motherlou in her tiktok account. At first I was so hesitant using the product for I already had bad experience with beauty products. I am so afraid maybe I’ll get a lot of peeling, allergies, redness and of course acnes.

But still I was so determined to try it. During my 1st 7 days I noticed a lot of changes to my skin especially my pores and acne scars. My skin becomes more lighter and more radiant. I never expected it actually.

Yes, i did have some micro peeling but it was manageable I can put some moisturizer to stop the peeling. My cheeks becomes pinkish and it was really nice to look at.

Now I’m already in my 18th day journey and a lot of my friends notice the change in me. I highly recommend Sy Glow to everybody…..

Thanks Motherlou…